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The Top 100 Scents of the World

Below you will see the top best selling perfumes in the world. Again, we are not selling fakes, but we are selling our own perfume which are “accurately inspired” by these. They all come in original FM packaging (lower right). Also you will see the prices. The slashed prices are the normal prices you would get if you were a non-member buying from a member. But if you sign up with us, you will get it at the much lower, discounted price.
500 Pesos to Join and Make Money! Already in Network Marketing? Members Get Lifetime Discounts

Classic Collection for Women







FM Group Business Opportunity

"Uwing uwi ka na ba? The information on this page can change life for you and your family at home"

Become a pioneer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a company that has swept 56 countries in the world and has turned countless people into millionaires. Earn residual income for life. Ease your way out of your job and into entrepreneurship. Most importantly, come home.

Pagod na sa buhay? This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Tired of this life? Working hard, missing home, not being sure when it will end? Want to quit but cannot because there are mouths to feed? Are you feeling you are not fulfilling your destiny? Do you want to change your life and the lives of others? Then join us in this noble mission, one that will pave the way to success for ALL Filipinos in the UAE! FM is coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Teka Muna… Who is FM? Who is AMG?

Let us first tell you who we are. FM is a multi-level marketing company which started in Europe and in a matter of a few years has swept the world- recruiting over 1 million distributors across 56 countries. They have recently hit the Philippines, which means there is yet another global impact because of all the Filipinos scattered abroad.

FM in the Philippines has over 50,000 distributors. They have all joined in less than a year. In that short time, some have become millionaires, being awarded cars and six-figure incomes (the top earners are getting 400,000 pesos a month- and they got there in less than a year)! Truth be told, most other members have become inactive- because of a lack of motivation, group support, training, and infrastructure. This is why AMG started. AMG is a group within FM founded by Alexander Michaels in late July 2011- with the goal of creating a team within FM that turns the statistics upside down. We have more active members, greater numbers in sales and success, and sky-high morale that keeps our members happy, addicted, and purpose-driven in this path towards financial freedom. The results? Nothing short of legendary.

In the month of August, we broke the world record within FM and over 1,000,000 distributors in the world being the fastest to reach 21% commission level – we did it in a single month! What’s the 21% – this is something you will learn more about in the business orientations we will be giving in Dubai- but for now it let’s just put it this way… In short, it means monthly residual income of 50,000 pesos, and a car- a brand new Honda City care of FM Philippines.

Why are we telling you this? Because the information on this page is geared towards inviting you to be a part of FM, and in particular, our AMG group there. FM is the right company, and AMG is the best group within that company. And we are coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi just for YOU.
The AMG founder Alexander Michaels has just returned from a 2 week trip in Dubai where he has formed the initial nucleus of leaders – over 100 Filipinos in Dubai- including the person who invited you to this page. They have met in hotel conference rooms and planned what is to come for you. It is nothing short of spectacular. Read on…

AMG Founder Alexander Michaels in the Philippine Press

The Business- a lucrative industry, the most rewarding business model.

It is no secret that MLM is something that can make someone a lot of money. Unfortunately, for some there is also a negative connotation in MLM because of shoddy practices and greed in the system. This is why one has to be very choosy in picking the right company. This is also why FM has succeeded so much in so little time. Because they ARE the right company. Here are three things to look out for:
The cost to sign up has to be legitimate. Others cost 20,000 to 30,000 pesos. And if you don’t succeed that is a huge loss. Where does it go? To your “upline” or whoever it was that hoodwinked you. BUT with FM it would only cost you only 199AED (one-time fee) to join and much much less if you sign your relatives up in the Philippines!

Second the business has to be about the product. It cannot just be “Make money by telling others they can make money too”. Many other MLM’s have a product- which is more like an excuse. FM’s story is built on the fact that it has a superior product, something that is turning the fragrance industry upside-down! We will talk about that in the next section.

Third, the products have to be priced properly. Many MLM’s have products that are grossly overpriced – another evidence that money is going to the uplines for the sole purpose of recruiting and recruiting… not actually selling the product. BUT- FM sells designer-quality products at 80% less than the branded price. Imagine a bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume costing PHP690 only? The FM counterpart is that affordable.
In the month of August our group sold over 2000 bottles of perfume. In September, we sold 3500! Many of our members in the beginning make more money via direct selling than recruiting. This is a truly legitimate business which is about a superior product which delivers great value to the public-at-large. In short- it is a blessing and people are thankful we exist- whether or not they are members. But the members, they have success stories about how the change income has impacted them. We will get to that in a minute. As promised, here’s more information about the product.

The Product.

Did you know that 85% of the world’s perfume is made by one company? Yes this is a fact. That company is DROM, based in Germany. This has a few repercussions you should know about. First – the brands that you know about aren’t actually responsible for creating the scents. They do the selling- getting and endorser, having fancy packaging, all these other factors which command a higher price for an unknowing public. Second, and this is a big one – is that if one had access to this supplier – DROM – one would be able to recreate these scents with the same premium ingredients.
That’s exactly what FM did. They established a partnership with DROM in Germany, and recreated the top 70+ scents (soon to be a hundred) and are selling it 80+% off across the world. When you smell it, you’ll find out why this is such a revolution. Imagine the thousands of pesos you will save in your lifetime by buying FM instead of 5000 peso bottles of perfume? Imagine the joy you can bring by giving these as gifts? Imagine the pleasure of finally being able to own a collection of your favorite scents? And of course… imagine the opportunity if you became a distributor?
I think you are starting to get the picture. Read on.

The Business Opportunity? A Definitive HEAD START.

So here is the great business opportunity presenting itself to you. FM is coming to Dubai. While FM is not yet in Dubai, AMG has established an office in Silicon Oasis to provide this opportunity to the Filipinos! We’re giving you a big HEAD START, so that you can build your network before the company arrives.

What is a HEAD START worth?
Anyone who knows anything about Network Marketing knows that a head start is potentially worth millions. The people we mentioned – who now earn 400-500,000 pesos a month are the ones who joined FIRST here in the Philippines. If you sign up now, you are the FIRST in Dubai. It is not uncommon to have that much in residual income, and it will not be impossible- that you can finally go home and be with your family (and they too may just be earning a lot from this too by that time if you sign them up)

How do you avail of this HEAD START? – READ THIS!!!
Starting this November 2011 and every month thereafter, AMG will be coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we will be holding events and organizing meetups around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This will be organized by AMG FM representatives both flying in from Manila and those already residing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many things will happen in these events: we will discuss with you fully and in person what the opportunity is about, we will be having product demonstrations (and a limited amount will be available for you to buy), we will be sharing testimonials – true stories of success lived in the Philippines, and you will be assisted fully- all your questions will be answered and everything will be supported by AMG FM founder Alexander Michaels himself who will be in all the events! After everything you will be given the opportunity to join (For only 199AED!).
AMG Member Benefits – Yours for the Taking!
  • Starting December 2011, AMG Members in Dubai will be able to avail of the FM products distributors’ price (only reserved to Filipinos)
  • You get first-in-line priority! Have a country sign up under you (and your family if you sign them up too)
  • Leadership Roles in AMG and inner-circle training and support
  • Become a distributor in 56 countries in the World!
  • Lifetime discount to the BEST fragrances (and soon cosmetics)
  • Ability to purchase and send any perfumes to anyone in the Philippines at your discounted price via a members-only website!
  • Offer this business opportunity to any loved ones back home for only 500PHP + shipping!
  • Sign up people from Dubai under your friends and family. Recruit an entire country of distributors under your loved ones!

Here are some testimonials from the AMG Group

More testimonials will be posted soon!

These are stories of people who just got started. The numbers may not be the biggest – but the stories are real, the income is growing fast, and it is residual income. They will continue to earn because of their downlines. If one can earn 40,000 a month in just 3 months, what will they bring home on the 4th, 5th, even 6th month when their networks grow bigger? This is the same opportunity we are giving you in Dubai – being the pioneers of life-changing stories. You can also provide this opportunity for your family back home by buying their membership kits for them.
All this and more will be discussed in the AMG Business Opportunity Events to be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Will you be there?

Reserve your schedule now!

Seats are limited and we expect them to go fast. Hurry and reserve your slot now! Please fill up the form below to be notified of our exact schedules once they are finalized. Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and the form will be removed once all our slots are filled up. Thank you!

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AMG FM Group Fragrance UAE

“A Rising Star in a Booming Industry”

On any given week, 300,000 people in the world sign up to become distributors in MLM. As of 2009, there were 59 Million network marketers in the world. Network Marketing is quickly gaining ground with thought leaders in business- being recommended by millionaires like Donald Trump, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, and success guru Zig Ziglar.

If you’re one of those who had doubts about Network Marketing, let us make a prediction for you: It is already becoming a widely accepted player in business, and will soon overtake other prevailing forms we see today. When the “franchise” model first emerged in the 1800′s if was met with much skepticism. Now there’s no corner without a Starbucks, McDonald’s or 7eleven. The future will be one where Network Marketing will see similar acceptance and growth. The question is, will YOU be one of the people who saw ahead, and reaped the rewards?

If the answer is YES, let us tell you about FM.

FM Philippines is a member of FM Group World – an international company experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the network marketing industry, while setting new standards of excellence in the exclusive perfume industry. FM Group World was established by Arthur Trawinski in 2007 in Europe and has since expanded to many major European countries including Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, to name a few. The company is currently expanding into North and South America, including the Asian markets and the Philippines was the first country in Asia totaling FM’s worldwide presence in June 2011 to more than 56 countries! In just 4 years!
FM Group World offers a line of perfumes and cosmetics designed and created entirely in Europe. There are scents available for everyone: from floral to woody, light to heavy and sporty to casual. Our products meet the highest European standards for quality and are not animal tested. Best of all,  they are available to you for a fraction of the price of the average bottle of brand name perfume and its quality unmatched!

FM Group World, family owned is comprised of two major partners. One is Perfand founded in 1995 by Aurthur Trawinski’s father, Andrzej Trawinski. Perfand, a Polish company has been manufacturing perfumes, perfumed waters in many scents for men  and women ever since. In June 2008, a new state of the art factory was opened in Psary near Wroclaw, Poland. The other partner is none other than one of the most renowned international companies creating some of the highest selling fragrance compositions in the world, Drom. Founded in 1911 by Dr. Bruno Stropa, the company currently has 43 branches worldwide including France, italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Brazil, China and Australia. Some of their well known clients are L’Oreal, Escada, Beiersdorf and of course, Perfand which produces for FM Group World.

The FM Vision?

To become the Fragrance company of choice that offers the best Marketing plan & earning opportunities and to become a world leader in the production & distribution of perfumes by continuously producing top quality products at affordable prices.


Let us tell you something about small businesses. Over 80% of them do not make it out of the first year. That’s a sad fact when you think about it because small to medium businesses have been hailed as the hope of global economy. But when you think about all the possible pitfalls that a small business has to overcome: capitalization, product development, quality control, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing and advertising, research and development… it makes perfect sense.
The beauty of Network Marketing is that all that is done for you. All you need to do is sell, and look for others who can join your team. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But the research shows you that even in MLM, the failure rate is very high. Why? One reason is because many MLM companies don’t take off (unlike FM which has skyrocketed!). The second and bigger reason is because oftentimes, there is a lack of training after someone signs up. This is true even inside FM. When you think about the tremendous success of this company in spite of this fact, just imagine what can happen if a group was created that gave its members world-class training and support? This is why AMG was founded.
AMG was the concept of Alexander Michaels- which he founded in July 2011 soon after he himself signed up with FM. Realizing what the numbers were, and having a long successful business background, he knew the importance of support, training, and creating a family environment – more than just a team – a true family that fosters growth and encourages people to seek personal development as independent distributors. Was it just a good idea? Just a nice thought? No. It soon proved itself tremendously. In August, 2011 the AMG team broke the FM world record- beating over a million other distributors in the world in speed of growth being the fastest to reach the highest commission level – 21%. In September, we set yet another world record being the fastest to become a “Pearl” – which is the entry level in the second compensation program for leaders. In just two months, AMG has grown to over 800 distributors with the highest participation rate within FM.
The good news? You are in our website. And if you want to join, that’s exactly what this site will help you with. Know and know for sure, that you will not be left alone, you will get all the support, training, even friendship that you are looking for on your road to success.

The Conclusion:

MLM is the right career path for you, FM is the right company for you to join, and AMG is the right team- the right family, for you to be a part of.

You see FM creates the opportunity. And AMG will help you seize it.
If you wish to join our ever growing AMG family, please go to “Reasons for Joining” above for further information. If you need to email us, feel free to do so at